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With decades of award winning production experience,

we can help finish your release on budget and in style.

Production Manifesto

We each have our own studio tailored to our individual requirements and skills. We all have Protools® with 32 channel A-D, D-A Converters and Eventide® effects processing to maintain sonic and practical coherency

The loudspeaker monitoring systems we use are 'room corrected' using Dirac® Technology. This allows us to provide mixes which translate every time. We see this as a minimum specification for a studio that means business.

It is common to collaborate on single sessions, each working to our areas of expertise. The audio might start in London for session hygiene and groove precision, then onto Cologne for drum tracking by Dave, and then processed and polished by Matt by the Sea.

We do not take all work offered, we work on no more than two concurent projects

We aim for quality and precision rather than speed and quantity

Dave Knight: Legend, Consultant Songsmith, Extraordinary Drummer (Drums for Robin Gibb)

Matt Jefferies: Mixing, Mastering, and Modular (An accomplished electronics)

Charlie Norton: Editing, Processing, and Layers (Kyma, Kurzweil, and Waldorf)

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