We are proud to have completed work for the following clients:.

Joesph Tawadros: 'Hope in an Empty City'

Album Production including mixing, production of Oud, Violin, Guitar, Bass, and Drums

Carlo Taylor: 'TBC'

Album Production, complete production process, taking demo sessions recorded in Logic Pro, re-recording where needed, added slide guitar and keyboards, and then a full processing and mix


Bandcamp: Slow Growth


Mastering Credits (Matt)

Artist: Topshe

Track: It Always Ends This Way

Track: Sad Boys

Show: Why Cheat India (T Series, Theatrical Release)

Track: Taiyaari

Show: Little Things Season 2 (Netflix Original)

Track: I forgive You

Track: Surprise

Track: Okay

Track: Parchhai

Show: Little Things Season 3 (Netflix Original)

Track: One Day At A Time

Track: Lights and Tunnels

Track: Nice

Track: Meant To Be

Show: Little Things Season 4 (Netflix Original)

Artist: Topshe x philterSoup

Track: Let It Slide

Track: Knowing Who We Are

Track: We

Track: All I want

Show: Modern Love (Amazon Prime Original)

Track: The Same

Artist: Maine Phirse

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Ferocious Mullet

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